T4 Westfalia 充電器修理 Auxiliary Battery Charger Repair

If westfalia display flashes at mains voltage and showns a value of more than 15 Volts, charger fault.
replace explosion capacitors, rectifiers and bridge diode.
Check parts foot,connector pins and board solder. if you find lank legs, bitten by the damp of the refrigerator. replace them or resolder them.

Philips or Cherokee Europ :9415 021 69201
701070519A C


One Metalized Polypropylene X2 Capacitor
AC275V,0.22uF,10% LE224

Three Metalized Polypropylene X2 Capacitors
AC275V,0.1uF,10% LE104

Fuse holder ,6.4x30mm

Bridge diode 800V,8A KBU8K-E4

Three Ultrafast Rectifiers BYV32 150, 200
Vishay, Philips

circuit board cleaner :
ハイシャワー DS-216

PCB coating:
ハヤコートMark2 AY-302

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