T4 Eurovan Radiator Fan Motor Fix

Coolant Fan making a whining noise when A/C on. Other side fan stopped last year,I replaced the clashed bearing and fan register.

701959455J: 450w 280mm Bosch#:0130305213 70,000yen/$560

China made cheap aftermarket fan motor is too long,rub the engine.
$120-$150 eBay

Bearings: 6001zz x2 200yen/$1.6

Metalized Polypropylene Condenser: 1.50mkt 0.15μF ESR20mΩ 100V 20yen/¢16

0.68μF  100V

Carbon Brush:H 6.8 W 13.6 L 18-20 mm *Length include wear-out.

Makita Carbon Brush:
CB153 :6.5 13.5 18 mm
CB154 :6.5 13.5 16 mm
*CB153 US only


1. Straighten the wedge around the flange plate
* Carefully,brush side has Bakelite plate.

2. Pull the plate use small puller.

3. Drill the rivet with 3mm bit from other side.

4. Clean the desk,so that steel chips should not cling to the motor magnet.

5. Replace the bearing and installed bearing plate use pop rivet gun. *3mm rivet

6. Remove brush plate use 10mm and 13mm socket.
*take care not to lose small parts.

7. Replace the bearing use pilot bearing puller.
*Greece bearing and insert. Do not hammer bearings,damage bearing metal sealed.

8. caught the brushes use cut out rivet pin.

9. Insert armature. Pull out the pin from brush holder space use small long nose pliers.

10. Install plate and pull motor shaft use open or closed box end wrench with shaft nut. *CCW

11. Staking flange plate.

701959455f 701959455J: 450w 280mm North America
701959455AM: Valeo 350w 280mm Japan
8A0959455: 300w 280mm
4A0959455b: 300w 280mm
701959455A: Siemens 350w 280mm
Bosch:130305213 450w 280mm

450w 345 mm 701959455L 701959455K

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