T4 Westfalia Propane Tank Leak

June 14, 2012

Leak from the on/off cylinder valve on the tank. its a 20 years old tank. I don’t want to die in fire or GAS poison… I decided to change gas system lusty tank to Butane gas cartridge. not all that hard change system but I cannot know how much gas remains in the tank. Disconnect compression fitting on tank valve and plug the fittings. I opened all doors and pop-top roof, connect ID 13mm hose to the tank valve,vent in safe area.










Cramer EK85 Cook Top Regulator
IN: 3/8 9.5mm Copper tube  45 degree cone
OUT: 5/16 8mm  Steel tube. Gas cutting ring fitting (GAS Schneidring Verschraubung)

Butane gas cartridge Regulator Assembly

Fimale 1/4 BSP Left hand threaded with inside male cone.
I ordered the special adapter to the Germany.

Karin Nöfer Gasfachfrau.de

The EN417 Thread is 7/16″ UNEF – 28, same as  RP-TNC. RP-TNC-to-SMA adapter

Bushwalking in Australia FAQ – Equipment – Stoves General – Fuels – Gas

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