T4 Eurovan Fuel Hose Replace

Gush of gasoline was coming out of the front of engine in a chilly morning. more exactly from the cold start valve.

vwvortex forum. “1993 Eurovan Weekender T4 Burnt to death”

In the US, 93y Eudovan Fuel hose is recalled.

Recalls for the Volkswagen EUROVAN

The Japanese importer WH is not announced,in spite of they have Green Burnt T4 on their parking lot.

The ETKA said fuel line is piece by piece. but VW
said assembly only, too expensive.
701201080BQ *discontinued parts in JP.

The Nylon tube has hose beads and internal brass hose guide. Cut the hose crimp and replace. Does not need to remove/down gas tank.

Black: Feed
Blue : Return


It seems that VW likes a labyrinth. Why doesn’t it make it simple pipe/hose arrangement? A heater hose arrangement seems to be a chemical symbol. The hose to a Fuel filter has a complicated shape. I made the twisted U shape from two elbows. An elbow is required for other side. there are so many parts but repair is easy.

Nylon Tube OD 8mm/5/16 (bead 9mm)
Fuel Hose ID 8mm/5/16 1MPa(10kgf/cm2)
Hose Band ID 16mm
Nylon 66 Hose Joiner Elbow 8mm/5/16 1.7MPa 3req


ボディ左下のキャニスター辺りがガソリン臭い場合、 まずEVAPバルブの良否チェック





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