Circulating Water Tank Heater

VW Canada (Kat’s OEM) circulating coolant tank heater.
VW Part# JNV198006A 750w Kat’s 13100 1000w
The instructions say to install it on the bottom of the
engine block drain or lower radiator hose with T connector, but there
is no outlet on the bottom of my block. I do not want cut the lower Radiator hose.
Thanks BG:
EurovanAAF has three hot outlet from Engine head, Oil cooler,
Heater core and Radiator upper hose. Oil cooler line is, Cylinder Head – Engine oil cooler – AT oil cooler – Coolant pipe – Bypassed thermostat housing. I thought that it should insert in the this line and cut the hose from AT cooler to Coolant pipe or Cylinder head Branch connection to the Heater core.
If the oil cooler are positioned low, it might be possible to take coolant from there (or the AT cooler) go through the tank heater and then into either the cool side hose from the cabin heater to the engine using a “Y” as in the drawing. Cold line from the Cabin heater attach to the engine.
The cold side to the heater comes from lower on the engine and goes through the tank heater up to a higher place on the engine.
It’s natural circulating, no pump inside, no one way/check valve.
My van has leaked from rear heater plastic pipe, so by-passed heater hoses with T connector in EG room. six hoses become unnecessary. Eberspacher running in place of water heater.

Drain: OD 16.4mm Bolt head 12.9mm

Cooling System 5cyl

Additional Water Heater T4

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