T4 Rear Wheel Bearing Replace

24mm Box
24mm Closed Wrench
5mm Hex
Hub Puller
Bearing installer
Big Hammer

Molybdenum grease
Duct Tape Paper Core 75-78mm ID
+Peel off inside paper and 78-80mm ID

Front Old Bearing or 80mm Bearing Race & Seal Driver.

Bearings: Front Rear same size

701598625A Payload 800-1200kg
701598625B Payload 2000KG

701501287D 701407625 80×45 1200kg D-type bearing
56472AB Duplex ball bearing (size= Hi 45 x Ou 80 x In 45mm )

Roulex Sweden kit include:
Front Brake Disk/Rear Drum Bolt:N90571202
Bearing Lock Ring:N0123501
Front Lower Ball Joint nut:N0411817

1, Jack up and remove wheel

2. Remove Brake drum hex bolt.
Push back Brake adjusting pinion, using lever through hole in back side backing plate.
Pull off brake drum.
Three 3/16 20-30mm Bolt will help you.

3. Remove Hub and Bearing inner race use Hub Puller.

4. Remove Bearing Locking Ring.

5. Remove Bearing outer race use Bearing inserter/remover or Hub puller with attachment.

6. Clean Bearing sleeve and Drum Brake.

7. Warm up Bearing sleeve outside use gas torch.

8. Grease Bearing sleeve and Bearing outer with Molybdenum grease.

9. Insert Bearing straight and put Duct Tape Paper Core. Insert and couple old bearing. no inner race side-new bearing side.
* If you have Bearing Race & Seal Driver, Hit the Bearing! If you do not have special tools, use “2×4 Wall Spreader flat base” $5!
*Check Flat base size, Bearing OD 80mm.

10. Hit Bearing use Bearing Driver or 2×4 Wall Spreader with old bearing,it goes into a half height.


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